Android Auto Projection
Android Auto Projection is a phone mirroring protocol from Google that enables the phone screen to be projected on the In-Vehicle Display. It allows drivers to access and control applications on Android phones such as Music, Navigation, Phone call and Google search, using input mechanisms on the vehicle such as touch, steering wheel controls and Voice. This makes it safer and easier to interact with the phone while driving. It will be supported by most of the Android phones in the future.
AllGo Android Auto SDK

The Android Auto SDK from AllGo provides a fully featured implementation which has been ported on multiple OSes and SOCs. AllGo also provides the associated AOA stack and audio / video specific platform integration capabilities, thereby offering a one-stop solution to customers eager to go to production in the least amount of time.
  • Platform Layer Abstraction to Enable easier porting for
    • Audio input and output handling
    • Video decoding and rendering
    • AOA Stack
  • Low Latency Media player
  • Enable tighter integration with native UI (such as Cluster display or Heads up Display) by providing following information from the phone
    • Media Metadata for browsing Media from the Android phone
    • Turn by Turn Navigation Info
    • Now Playing Updates
  • Support Vendor extension channels for communicating with Android Apps
  • High level and simple APIs for easy App development
Wide OS & SOC availability:
  • Linux, Android, WinCE and QNX
  • NXP iMX6, TI J6, Nvidia Tegra 3 / K1, Renesas H1 / H2,Telechips
Software block diagram:
software block


Android Auto projection on Telechip TCC8930 running WinCE 7.0
AllGo Carplay Demo

Case studies

Platform for futuristic connected car infotainment demonstration

We developed an advanced concept platform for CES with cutting edge features such as integrated radio and cluster UI, HMI with tactile feedback and cloud based personal content access.