CarPlay from Apple allows devices running the iOS operating system to function with built-in display units of automobile Head Units, when connected through the USB port. To support CarPlay, the Head Unit should be capable of working in USB device mode as well. Head Units which are already in market may not have support for USB device ports and in some cases, the OEM’s USB architecture may not allow USB device ports.
AllGo’s technology allows the Head Unit USB ports to remain in the Host mode and still support CarPlay. CarPlay OTG HUB and ADAPTOR are two variants of product reference designs from AllGo using this technology, targeted to add-on Apple CarPlay support to the Head Units. While CarPlay is enabled on one of the USB ports, the other USB ports/Interfaces on the OTGHUB continue to work without any interference.
  • For Existing Products already in production:
    • The OTG HUB and ADAPTOR accessory can enable CarPlay support on Infotainment Head Units which are already in the market.
  • For New Products:
    • The OTG HUB can replace the standard hub to enable CarPlay in Infotainment Head Units having architecture of one USB host port on the Head Unit and multiple consumer ports at a remote place.
    • For new infotainment Head Units being developed, AllGo has a solution for CarPlay OTG HUB support which can be integrated on the Head Unit.
CarPlay OTG Hub RACE Multimedia Engine
CarPlay ADAPTOR RACE Multimedia Engine
  • Allows the Head Unit to continue as USB-Host even when the connected iOS device acts as a USB Host in the CarPlay mode
  • Has two modes of operation
    • Standard Mode
    • CarPlay mode
  • In Standard Mode, the OTG HUB works like a traditional USB Hub
  • In CarPlay mode:
    • It allows iOS devices connected to any one of the downstream ports to act as USB Host for CarPlay functionality
    • Head Unit continues to act as USB Host and the other USB ports and interfaces continue to work normally
  • Facilitates Battery-Charging of connected devices on the downstream USB-OTG port
  • Optional feature of Digital Aux and SD card support integrated into the Hub
  • OTG HUB can be integrated to the Head Unit with minimal changes in the Head Unit software
  • Support for Firmware upgrade without Head Unit interference
  • Support for USB 2.0 and USB 3.0
  • Production ready design
  • Driver Support for Head Units with Android, QNX, Linux OS
  • Scalable to support multiple USB ports
  • Designed to have minimal impact on throughput and latency, to meet Apple CarPlay requirements


Android Auto projection on Telechip TCC8930 running WinCE 7.0
AllGo Carplay Demo

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