Android Open Accessory (AOA) is a USB based protocol specifically used by Android powered devices to interact with any USB based accessory. Android supports this USB protocol, when it goes into a special mode called Accessory mode. In this mode, the Android device acts as a USB device and the accessory acts as a USB Host.

The AOA protocol exposes three interfaces to the Accessory:
  • Accessory: An interface providing 2 bulk endpoints for communicating with an Android application
  • Audio: A new standard USB audio class interface for streaming audio from an Android device to an accessory
  • HID: Allow registration of one or more USB Human Interface Devices (HID) with an Android device

AllGo’s AOA protocol allows the Accessories to access all the above functionalities. It is already being used in production programs and is portable across multiple operating systems.
  • Full Featured: Works with all Android Phones
  • Supports all the interfaces as defined by the specification
  • Supports both AOA 1.0 and AOA 2.0 mode
  • Highly Robust: Multiple design-in’s in automotive and accessory products
  • Designed for Portabilility: Runs on multiple OS’s and processors
  • Lifetime Support: Updates for new revisions of Android Phones as they become available
  • Detection of Insertion / Ejection of Android devices in AOA mode
  • Switching a connected Android phone to AOA mode
  • Automatically launch an associated app in the Android phone
  • Optimized for throughput for exchanging data with Android application
  • Leading OSes in Automotive Infotainment and Consumer Electronics: Linux, QNX, Android
  • Multiple ARM based platforms from leading IC vendors


AllGo Rear Seat Entertainment with BYOD Support demonstration at CES2016
RACE Media & Connectivity IVI suite

Case studies

Android customization for connected media player

Our customized Android for an MID device for a Top-5 Consumer Electronics company. Key elements of the project included adding MTP, WM-DRM and audio post processing.