Automotive Infotainment
Our proven expertise in automotive infotainment solutions along with our ready-to-use IP and customisation services provide a significant time-to-market advantage for Automotive Tier-1 Suppliers and OEMs. Our domain expertise spans multimedia, navigation and connectivity. Our ability to offer the complete infotainment product development expertise portfolio consisting hardware design, BSP / driver porting, middleware development & integration and HMI development sets us apart.
Why Us?
  • Worked with eight leading Global Automotive Tier 1s across Europe, US and Asia
  • Proven experience - Our designs goes into 50 products with more than 6 million units already in the market
  • “Ready to go IPs? to accelerate development.
  • Member of Genivi Alliance: Genivi compliant offerings for multimedia and connectivity
  • Complete product development expertise – Multiple OS (Linux, QNX, Android, iTRON), BSP, Device Drivers, Middleware, GUI and Hardware
Licensed Software IP
  • RACE (Robust Automotive Connectivity and Entertainment) IVI software suite from us provides media and connectivity solution for the Connected Car of the future. Key components of RACE are:
    • RACE MultiMedia Engine (MME) offers a full featured, highly configurable and portable media engine that provides access to multiple types of media devices (USB/iAP/MTP/SD/CD) and has an API that makes it GUI agnostic.
    • RACE CE Device Manager is the component of MME that provides connectivity to multiple media devices (USB/iAP/MTP/SD/CD).
    • RACE Smartphone Connectivity suite consists of MirrorLink™, AllGoConnect™, iPod Out and DLNA implementations.
  • Fastboot Android solution offers full functionality of Android in seven seconds from cold boot, with full availability of applications
  • iAP SDK offers an implementation of iPod Accessory Protocol that works with all iOS devices, production proven in multiple products and is updated regularly to ensure compatibility with new iOS devices.
  • MTP+DRM SDKs offer implementation of MTP-Host with DRM (WMDRM-ND) and MTP-Device with Janus DRM (WMDRM-PD). The MTP SDKs provide the required Media Transfer Protocol as well as the License/Content Decryption technologies.
  • OS/ BSP/ Driver porting
  • Middleware Development and Integration
  • Hmi Development and Integration
  • Board Level Hardware Development
  • Product Integration
  • Pre and Post Production Support, including Annual Maintenance Contracts
  • Multimedia
  • Ce Device Connectivity
  • Bluetooth Integration
  • Cloud Connectivity
  • Voice Rec Integration
  • Navigation
  • HMI Development
  • Multiple Platforms & OSes
  • Genivi Compliant Solutions


RACE Media & Connectivity IVI suite
AllGo Rear Seat Entertainment with BYOD Support demonstration at CES2016

Case studies

Platform for futuristic connected car infotainment demonstration

We developed an advanced concept platform for CES with cutting edge features such as integrated radio and cluster UI, HMI with tactile feedback and cloud based personal content access.