Platform for futuristic connected car infotainment demonstration
We developed an advanced concept platform for CES with cutting edge features such as integrated radio and cluster UI, HMI with tactile feedback and cloud based personal content access.

A leading automotive Tier 1 wanted to demonstrate an advanced concept platform at CES that shows off integrated radio and cluster UI, advanced HMI concepts with tactile feedback and futuristic features such as in-car smart device connectivity and cloud based music & personal data access. AllGo developed these features in a demo system very short span of 2 months and delivered to the satisfaction of the customer.

  • Unified music data base: Cloud based music and local music presented in a unified fashion
  • VR based HMI control with tactile feedback
  • NFC based user preferences selection
  • Connected navigation with cloud based personal data integration
  • DLNA based Smart device content access
  • Internet radio streaming
  • Integration of multiple futuristic IVI technologies into a single demo platform
  • Advanced Proof of Concept developed in a very short time of 2 months
  • Worked with the customer with fast evolving requirements to suit demo needs