WINNER - CES 2017 Innovation Awards Honoree.
AllGo's RACE 2.0 - The next-gen IVI engine

Come and experience our CES 2017 Innovation Award Winning Car Infotainment Technologies at CES 2017, Tech East, Suite #473, Westgate, Las Vegas. Jan 5th – 8th, 2017.

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Award winning RACE 2.0 - Simpler design and faster integration.

RACE 2.0 is first "Integrated Media and Mirroring Middleware Solution" in Market which enables new and advanced use cases providing better user experience and at a same time making the design and integration of Automotive infotainment systems more simple. Media and Smartphone Mirroring middleware software are important components in an In-vehicle infotainment system. These components are usually perceived as two different types of software components in an infotainment system (video). With RACE2.0, which is an integrated Media-Mirroring solution, we try to blur this difference and unify them into one single middleware. Three main functionalities important in Car infotainment systems are Media, Phone, Navigation. Read More .


RACE 2.0 - Integrated Media and Smartphone Mirroring Solution (CES 2017 Innovation Awards – Honoree)

  • Demonstrate coexistence of multiple mirroring sessions (CarPlay / Android Auto) and Media-Mirroring integration use cases.
  • Distributed Media Playback for BYOD / RSE devices to support synchronous video streaming.
  • Latest Mirroring technologies such as WeLink, CarLife.

e-Cockpit system using Hypervisor

  • Enable sharing of Media/Navigation/Telephony metadata from CarPlay/Android Auto running on IVI to cluster.
  • Integrity based cluster and Linux IVI system hypervised over GH Integrity Multivisor on R-Car H3.

HTML5 based Application development framework

  • JavaScript based SDK which allows HTML5 apps to access native services.
  • Auto-focused browser with rich performance.
  • Support for RSE / Tablet based control of Head Unit.

Android N

  • Apple watch alerts on Driver Drowsiness Detection.
  • Driver Drowsiness Detection supports IR / Normal cameras and can work through Sunglasses.

Wearables integration with ADAS

  • Apple watch alerts on Driver Drowsiness Detection
  • Driver Drowsiness Detection supports IR / Normal cameras and can work through Sunglasses.