Join AllGo at Booth 5017/5019, Hall N5 (Vehicle Technology) at CES Asia, 2018, June 13-15, Shanghai New International Expo Centre, Shanghai.
Booth 5017/ 5019, Hall N5(Vehicle Technology) at CES Asia™ 2018, June 13-15, Shanghai.
Dear Partner,
We would like to invite you and your team to experience our Virtualized Android O for eCockpit, External Connectivity Manager, Multi Display Solution on Android and Driver Monitoring Solutions at CESASIA 2018.
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AllGo Demonstrations at CESASIA, 2018

Virtualized Android O for eCockpit

  Integrated Cluster + IVI system hypervisor using Android O and QNX Hypervisor for IVI System.
  Seamless rendering of Android UI on Cluster for specific apps (like Maps).
  Support Multiple Audio outputs.
  Android supporting Multi Display and Multi touch.

Distributed Display Solution

  Two independent RSE displays driven by central Android based Head Unit.
  Custom home screen for each of the remote displays with ability to launch apps independently.
  Apps for each of the RSEs (including Launcher) still runs on Android based Head Unit.
  Independent touch-based control of applications on the RSE Displays.
  Seamless switching of the apps from one display to another.

Deep Learning based Driver Monitoring

  Use of Deep learning for accurate detection using Single Camera.
  Driver Drowsiness & Distraction Detection for ADAS applications.
  Head Pose Estimation for Augmented Reality(AR) and Autonomous Driving use cases.
  Gaze Detection for Advanced HMI controls.
  Solution on ARM and supports a maximum of 2 CPU cores.

External Connectivity Manager

  Intelligent solutions to address connectivity issues for the Autonomous and Connected cars.
  Provides Ability to control connectivity to external network of an ECU or for Applications within the ECU. Also provides ability to route the data from Application/ECU to the appropriate external connectivity option.
  Framework to create a failsafe connection to the external network in a Car by introducing seamless redundancy.
  QoS MANAGER allows prioritizing bandwidth/connectivity to external network for critical ECU/Applications over the non-critical ones.

Audio Video Bridging (AVB) SDK

  Fully compliant with corresponding IEEE standards, OS Independent, flexible and functional interface for integration into automotive applications.
  The demonstration shows audio streamed from the IVI system (with AllGo Ethernet AVB stack), to Ethernet AVB enabled Speakers enabled, through an Ethernet AVB switch.
  Maximizes the advantages of built-in AVB specific features.
  Provides high level API for transport, control and synchronization services.

RACE Premium

  Supporting Wired- RSE’s and BYOD devices (iOS and Android).
  Supports streaming of high resolution(HD) videos resolution videos.

We hope to see you at CESASIA, 2018.
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