Fast boot Android
Google Android has taken the smartphone and tablet markets by storm. Ease of application development and abundant availability of third party applications has made Android an unique choice for many markets, including Automotive IVI and Navigation systems.
One of the key hurdles in the adoption of Android in the Automotive IVI and Navigation market is the time it takes to boot up the system. When vehicles have to remain switched off for extended periods of time, putting the system on stand-by mode becomes unacceptable beacause of the associated leakage current. This results in a need of true cold-boot every time the system starts.
Our contribution to solving the boot-up problem is a mechanism by which true cold-boot can be achieved at a fraction of the time it takes for normal boot-up. Using innovative techniques that restore the state of the kernel and Android framework, we have managed to cut down the boot-up time to about 1/4th of the normal cold-boot.
Salient features
  • Fully functional Android boots up in 6 - 7s, with full availability of applications 1
  • Currently available on Android Gingerbread and Ice Cream Sandwich
  • No additional requirement on system power down
  • All internal devices of the SoC booted; any required external devices can be started after this
  • 8MB DDR RAM and 100MB Flash are required to enable fast boot
  • Currently available on NXP i.MX53 and i.MX6; porting to other platforms offered on customer request
  • Proprietary splash screen can be displayed within 1s
  • Ability to switch between fast-boot and normal boot at boot time
  • Quick rear-view camera integration during bootup in progress.

1 Measured on NXP i.MX6 board running Android Gingerbread and Ice Cream Sandwich


Android Auto projection on Telechip TCC8930 running WinCE 7.0
AllGo Carplay Demo

Case studies

Android customization for connected media player

Our customized Android for an MID device for a Top-5 Consumer Electronics company. Key elements of the project included adding MTP, WM-DRM and audio post processing.

Platform for futuristic connected car infotainment demonstration

We developed an advanced concept platform for CES with cutting edge features such as integrated radio and cluster UI, HMI with tactile feedback and cloud based personal content access.