Miracast SINK SDK
MiracastTM is the certification program by WiFi Alliance to certify devices with WiFi Display technology. WiFi Display technology provides point to point connectivity between a source and a sink to transfer multimedia data and control. WiFi Display was envisaged as a screen replication technology for consumer devices such as TVs to play video from Smartphones and other media playback devices. Android smartphones natively support WiFi Display source in OS version Jellybean 4.2 and above.

software block
AllGo is a member of WiFi alliance. AllGo’s Miracast sink SDK is full featured and is available on leading SOCs and OSes.
  • Industry leading feature set: Planned support for all leading WiFi Display sink features, including UIBC and HDCP.
  • Designed for portability: Proprietary implementations of RTP, RTSP, WFD controller allow the stack to be easily portable on multiple Operating Systems and processors. Interface with WiFi P2P layer designed for easy portability across WiFi ICs.
  • Low resource usage:Stack designed to be low in memory and CPU MHz usage.
  • Interoperability:Planned testing with leading smartphones and other smart devices supporting WiFi Display source.
  • Life time support:AllGo can provide lifetime support by updating the SDK as the standard evolves and as new certified phones come into the market.
  • The SDK supports well defined and well documented APIs that makes the development of application easy.
  • The SDK is available in a format that is integrated with the AllGo multimedia engine (RACE). It is also available as a stand-alone software that can be used by any application.
Platforms / OS
  • AllGo WiFi Display stack presently supports Linux. AllGo is working on porting this to QNX and other leading OSes.
  • The SDK has well defined abstraction layers so that it is fully independent of operating system and the transport layer. This makes it easy to port the SDK to a different OS/Platform.
AllGo Offering
The following diagram illustrates where the AllGo WiFi Display SDK finds its place in the overall system architecture.

software block

Software block diagram:
software block


WiFi Display
RACE Media & Connectivity IVI suite

Case studies

Android customization for connected media player

Our customized Android for an MID device for a Top-5 Consumer Electronics company. Key elements of the project included adding MTP, WM-DRM and audio post processing.