MirrorLink® is a concept promoted by Car Connectivity Consortium for integrating smart phones and the Car head Unit. It allows complete control of the smart phones from the Head Unit. The phone screen is replicated and sent to the Head unit with audio in another channel. The phone screen replication on the head unit is typically called screen scraping. All user inputs (like rotary knob, buttons, and touch inputs) from the Head unit are directed to the phone.

software block

MirrorLink enables the car head unit to be configured in either drive mode or park mode. In the drive mode only apps that are certified by CCC as Driver Safe can be launched. These certified apps have simple GUI, bigger fonts, buttons and do not allow content that distract driver (like video / games). In the park mode all the applications on the phone can be launched from the head unit.
AllGo is a core member of CCC and is at the forefront of the MirrorLink technology evolution. AllGo’s MirrorLink SDK supports all the latest features in ML 1.1 and ML 1.2, including HSML and Miracast. It is production proven and available on multiple leading SOCs and OSes.
  • Industry leading feature set:
    • Fully compliant with ML 1.1 (all mandatory and optional features supported)
    • ML 1.2 (HSML and Miracast)
    • AllGo being a core member of CCC helps us to maintain the SDK to the latest spec evolution
  • High Performance: Enables real time video playback from smart phones.
  • Designed for portability: Proprietary implementations of VNC, RFB, UPnP, RTP, DAP, CDB allow the stack to be easily portable on multiple Operating Systems and processors.
  • Low resource usage: Stack designed to be low in memory and CPU Mhz usage.
  • Interoperability: The stack has been tested with multiple ML compliant phones. AllGo will work with phone vendors as part of CCC to keep the SDK current and interoperable as new phones are released.
  • Life time support: AllGo can provide lifetime support as new certified phones come into the market.
  • Multiple devices support: The stack works on multiple devices spread over multiple network interfaces. The stack supports launching multiple client sessions at the same time.
  • The SDK supports well defined and well documented APIs that makes the development of application easy.
  • Transport Agnostic:The stack is independent of the transport mechanism used (WiFi or USB or BT).
  • The SDK is available in a format that is integrated with the AllGo multimedia engine (RACE). It is also available as a stand-alone software that can be used by any application.
  • Linux / QNX / Android*
The following diagram illustrates where the AllGo MirrorLink SDK finds its place in the overall system architecture.
software block
Software block diagram:
software block


Android Auto projection on Telechip TCC8930 running WinCE 7.0
AllGo Carplay Demo

Case studies

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