MP3 Decoder
MPEG Layer 3, popularly known as MP3, is the audio coding standard defined by “ISO/IEC 11172-3? or MPEG1. Later, it was extended for lower sampling rates by “ISO/IEC 13818-3? or MPEG2. It was extended further to lower sampling rates by MPEG2.5, a proprietary extension by Fraunhoffer institute.
Salient Features
  • MPEG1/2/2.5 Layer3 Decoder, supporting all the sampling rates (48/44.1/32/24/22.05/16/12/11.025/8kHz) and all the defined bit rates from 8kbps to 320kbps.
  • CBR and VBR playback
  • Mono/Dual channel/Stereo/Joint Stereo modes
  • Compliant with ISO/IEC conformance specification 11172-4
  • Bit-stream error handling
  • Re-sync support for Fast Forward/Rewind
  • Optimised algorithms with respect to Mhz and memory
  • Demoed real time audio playback on TI DK-LM3S9B96
  • Portable media players
  • Internet audio streaming, internet radio
  • ARM
  • ARM9, ARM11, Cortex M3, Cortex M4

Case studies

Developing an Asynchronous Sample Rate Converter

Designing an Asynchronous Sample Rate converter that offers high THD and low ripple across a range of frequencies is no mean achievement. We not only designed the ASRC but implemented it with low MHz on a fixed point processor.

Video codecs on a multi-core highly-parallel custom core

We worked with SiliconHive (now part of Intel) to develop High Definition video codecs that are designed to run optimally on a multi-core environment. Our contribution also included efficient coding for a VLIW core and algorithmic innovations to address memory bandwidth constraints.


Android Auto projection on Telechip TCC8930 running WinCE 7.0
RACE Media & Connectivity IVI suite