Video Codecs
We offer optimised video codecs for various industry leading processor cores. Our codecs are OS independent, support multi instance and provide easy APIs for the customers to integrate into their media framework. They are robust, having been tested with corrupted streams and for various player features like seek forward/rewind.
We offer the following audio codecs for licensing on various platforms:

Case studies

Video codecs on a multi-core highly-parallel custom core

We worked with SiliconHive (now part of Intel) to develop High Definition video codecs that are designed to run optimally on a multi-core environment. Our contribution also included efficient coding for a VLIW core and algorithmic innovations to address memory bandwidth constraints.

Developing an Asynchronous Sample Rate Converter

Designing an Asynchronous Sample Rate converter that offers high THD and low ripple across a range of frequencies is no mean achievement. We not only designed the ASRC but implemented it with low MHz on a fixed point processor.


RACE Media & Connectivity IVI suite
Android Auto projection on Telechip TCC8930 running WinCE 7.0