1 Deep learning-based Driver Monitoring System by AllGo
Face recognition, Face detection, Head Pose estimation, Gaze and Blink detection. Supports multiple occlusions and lighting conditions.
2 Zone based driver monitoring system
3 AllGo DMS Expression and Activity Sensing Technology
AllGo Driver Monitoring System is designed to capture and detect expressions such as Happy, Sad. It also detects Yawn and activities. such as drinking, smoking and talking on the phone
4 Driver Monitoring Systems at CES Asia
This camera-based driver monitoring system helps detect Driver Emotion, Expression and activity sensing while driving. The deep learning-based technology was demonstrated at CES Asia. Driver Emotion Sensing, Driver Expression Sensing and Driver activity sensing demo by AllGo at CES Asia. Driver expressions such as happy, sad, disgusted are sensed and driver activity such as driving, smoking and talking on the phone are detected.
5 Video on Demand for RSE/Multi display on Android
This media technology from AllGo provides a user with the power to choose the videos of choice on multiple displays in an in-car infotainment system. In this demo, we will show a single Android instance supporting two displays.
6 USB Over Ethernet Technology
The ethernet for automotive technology by AllGo supports data access over USB over ethernet. The demonstration will show a remote media hub with multiple ports.
7 Ethernet Audio Video Bridging (AVB)
AllGo technology for Ethernet Audio Video Bridging (AVB). This Ethernet for the automotive solution is ported on multiple SoCs and Operating Systems by AllGo.
8 See 'n Sense : Camera-based driver monitoring and in-cabin sensing technology
See ‘n Sense brings deep learning-based Driver Monitoring to ARM. Advanced face and an eye-tracking technology for camera-based driver monitoring and In-Cabin sensing.
9 AllGo Automotive Ethernet AVB SDK
Automotive Ethernet Audio Video Bridging Technology by AllGo provides AVB components that are fully compliant with corresponding IEEE standards and Flexible and functional interface for integration into automotive applications.
10 AllGo Distributed Display SDK
AllGo’s multi-display solution enables different types of content from a Central Head Unit to be independently accessible in different displays at the same time. It also allows same content to be consumed across all displays by multiple users in a synchronous fashion.
11 AllGo Driver Monitoring on ARM SoC
AllGo Driver Monitoring solution provides reliable Driver Distraction and Drowsiness detection by using recent advances in deep learning technology and light-weight, highly-optimized implementations on ARM based SoCs. Advanced head pose estimation and gaze detection techniques also enable Augmented Reality HUD integration and innovative HMI concepts.
12 AllGo Virtualized Android eCockpit Solution
AllGo Virtualized Android eCockpit Solution
13 AllGo RACE Premium - Media Mirroring Solution
AllGo RACE Premium - Media Mirroring Solution
14 AllGo Driver Monitoring Systems
AllGo Driver Monitoring Systems
15 AllGo Network Connectivity Manager
AllGo Network Connectivity Manager
16 AllGo Security Solution
AllGo Security Solution
17 AllGo AAP over WiFi Solution
AllGo AAP over WiFi Solution
18 AllGo Mirrorlink Server Solution
AllGo Mirrorlink Server Solution
19 AllGo Wireless CarPlay using QC MDM as Gateway
AllGo Wireless CarPlay using QC MDM as Gateway
20 AllGo MirrorLink Server Solution 2
AllGo MirrorLink Server Solution 2
21 AllGo SmartLink Device(SDL) Solution
AllGo SmartLink Device(SDL) Solution
22 AllGo System Integration & Application Development
AllGo System Integration & Application Development
23 AllGo Media-Mirroring Solution on Intel Apollo Lake
AllGo Media-Mirroring Solution on Intel Apollo Lake
24 AllGo RACE, RSE Solution on Intel Broxton running Android N
AllGo RACE, RSE Solution on Intel Broxton running Android N
25 AllGo Wireless and Wired Carplay on Intel running Android N
AllGo Wireless and Wired Carplay on Intel running Android N
26 Award winning "Integrated Media-Mirroring Solution – RACE 2.0"
AllGo’s CES 2017 Innovation Award winning RACE 2.0 solution. RACE 2.0 allows Simultaneous access of mirroring, media and application control functionalities from multiple connected Smartphones.
27 AllGo’s Android N Demo at CES 2017
Demonstration of AllGo’s Media and Mirroring Solutions on the Android N-Car based Infotainment system.

In this demonstration we will demonstrate three key features:
  • Music playback from connected Smartphones
  • Wireless CarPlay
  • Distributed Media Playback Solution
28 AllGo’s Driver Monitoring solution and its integration with wearables
AllGo’s Driver Monitoring solution supports Driver Drowsiness and Distraction Detection. This has been integrated with an infotainment system and an apple watch, so that alerts can be sent to the Apple watch, when the Driver Drowsy or distracted.
29 AllGo Systems – The Automotive Infotainment experts!
A leader in IVI technologies, AllGos feature-rich middleware runs over 10 million cars across the world.
30 RACE 2.0 video
RACE2.0, the next generation Integrated Media-Mirroring middleware from AllGo. Race 2.0 is designed as a futuristic Connected Media Middleware to bridge the existing development, Integration and user experience gaps in the IVI space.
RACE 2.0 - RACE 2.0 integrates both media and mirroring, to not only make the design and integration of Automotive infotainment systems more simple, but also creates various use cases and user experience emerging out of this integration. Application on Freescale i.mx6 platform running Linux.
31 AllGo Rear Seat Entertainment with BYOD support demonstration at CES2016
Demonstrates the Rear Seat Entertainment by AllGo supports synchronized media streaming across Head Unit and RSE display. Also supports BYOD(Tablet/Smarphone) with sharing and playback of content. The RSE application in this video is installed on i.MX6 running Android Lollipop
32 Android Auto Projection on Telechip TCC8930 running WinCE 7.0
Demonstrates Automotive Smartphone connectivity solutions Android Auto Projection by Google on a WinCE 7.0 platform. The solution is running on Telechip TCC8930 Running, running features like navigation, telephony, music playback and more.
33 AllGo DMS Driver Drowsiness Detection technology demonstration at CES 2016
The application constantly monitors the eye status(Open/Close) of the driver and generates an alert when needed. The video demonstrates Advanced driver drowsiness detection application running on a NVI Jetson TK1 comprising of 192 CUDA
34 AllGo Carplay SDK
This video demonstrates AllGo’s Apple certified Carplay Stack. AllGo CarPlay SDK is available on SoCs like Freescale i.MX6, NVDIA, Renessa’s and more. Also available on multiple OS like Android, Linux and Windows. AllGo Carplay stack also supports Carplay over Wifi.
35 Fast boot up Android
This video shows our Android boot up optimizations to achieve 4.5 seconds start up time for full system availability of Android Jelly Bean, which is a critical requirement for Automotive implementation. In addition to fast boot up of Android, the solution by AllGo also achieves other early functionalities such as boot up animation, early rear view camera and audio.
36 WiFi Display
MiracastTM is the certification program by WiFi Alliance to certify devices with WiFi Display technology. WiFi Display technology provides point to point connectivity between a source and a sink to transfer multimedia data and control. WiFi Display was envisaged as a screen replication technology for consumer devices such as TVs to play video from Smartphones and other media playback devices. Android smartphones natively support WiFi Display source in OS version Jellybean 4.2 and above.
37 RACE media player engine on Android
AllGo’s RACE Multimedia Engine on Android provides iAP1 / iAP2 /MTP / USB / SD / CD playback capability with all the required IVI features such as fast data base build up and search, multiple play control options and extensive media formats support.
38 Moving object removal in photography
This video is a demonstration of AllGo’s solution to remove unwanted moving objects from a still photograph. The solution is ported on ARM Cortex and Qualcomm DSPs. The video shows a Qualcomm Snapdragon based tablet running this technology.
39 RACE Media & Connectivity IVI suite
RACE (Robust Automotive Connectivity and Entertainment) IVI software suite from AllGo provides the media and connectivity solution for the Connected Car of the future. This demo video shows the Multimedia Engine media playback feature of RACE, with fast database build-up and metadata based browsing.
40 MirrorLink
MirrorlinkTM is the consortium of automotive and smartphone industry to define an interoperable standard that allows automotive head units to interact and control applications running on smartphones. This demo video shows a HeadUnit reference hardware running MirrorLinkTM connecting to a Nokia phone over USB.
41 Android Multimedia Extensions
This solution adds features like Audio post-processing, MTP/ DRM for transfer of protected content and audible player to Android Eclair. It runs on a NXP i.MX515 platform.
42 Low Cost Car Radio - MARS Lite Media
MARS, the Linux based car radio reference software, supports multiple types of media devices, allows meta data management, facilitates recoding, playback etc.
43 STAMP tablet
STAMP, a 7-inch low cost tablet, aims at the education sector. It sports a resistive touch-screen display. Running on Android 2.2 Froyo and ARM processor, its battery life is between five and eight hours depending on usage. STAMP is also available on Microsoft Windows platform.
44 Low Cost Car Radio - MARS Lite Bluetooth
MARS, the Linux based car radio reference software, supports Bluetooth HFP with Acoustic Echo Cancellation. The demo video shows MARS BT Handsfree Phone calling on a NXP i.MX25 EVK.