Camera - based embedded solutions for Advance Driver Assistance Software(ADAS).
The immediate need towards Automotive Safety has given rise to technology suppliers developing embedded ADAS applications. AllGo’s ADAS solutions are developed for saving life’s and preventing mishaps on the road. We have been helping OEM’s and Tier 1’s build personalized and safer cars. Increasing automotive safety by detecting driver drowsiness with embedded technologies.
AllGo ADAS solutions include -

ADAS Driver Drowsiness application - Driver inattention refers to the extent of diversion while driving. It is commonly a result of drowsiness and distraction. Drowsiness involves a driver closing his eyes because of fatigue and distraction involves the driver not paying sufficient attention on the road while driving. The solution consists of two stages, offline training and eye status monitoring.

  • The solution constantly monitors the eye status(open/close) and generates an alert when the drive drowsy.
  • Works with sunglasses, normal glasses, IR camera and normal camera.
  • The solutions performance is at 8-10fps.
  • Robust against illumination changes partial face occlusion, different kind of faces (gender, origin, skin colour)
  • Supported on ARM, DSP, GPU, ARM, x86.
  • The algorithm’s efficiency is around 95%

ADAS 3D Surround view detection – The solution provides virtual birds eye view from top-down position of the car. Four fisheye cameras are fitted in the car capture 180-degree view.

  • The algorithm includes Fisheye correction, Projection transform, Exposure Control and Stitching.
  • Obstructions around the is display on the head unit and navigates the driver while parking.
  • The solution is robust on any car model.

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Drowsiness Detection